Lock Replacement and Rekeying

Lock Replacement is the best ways to ensure that a door has a secure locking system. If a home owner finds that his/her locks have been compromised or broken, it’s best to replace them before someone breaks into the house. One way that people become a victim of lock replacement is by leaving a door knob slightly damaged or broken. Most home owners find that some amount of time is needed to repair their damaged locks and in order to do so, they may try to cut off the working parts of the lock. This practice can lead to further complications and injuries.

Lock replacement becomes essential when you need to change your deadbolt, combination or both. Locks can be broken due to an improper cutting of the strike plate, a poor fitting of the latch and even a misaligned door frame. The most common problem with sliding doors is that the strike plate and latch are aligned in such a way that the bars often bind together and create friction when sliding. These two parts are the main parts that needs to be checked before performing the lock replacement.

A professional locksmith will perform the lock replacement only if you have already called in a locksmith to renew your existing locks. Professional locksmiths are well-aware of the tricks required to perform the lock replacement. They may also suggest a good option for you. However, it’s not mandatory that you let the professional locksmith perform the entire job. You can perform the key duplication yourself if you have the necessary tools and knowledge on how to duplicate keys. In most cases, you won’t require any tools other than a screwdriver and a small tool kit.

It is important that you take extra precaution while changing locks since you may end up with a false impression that you already have a locked car. It’s wise to ask the locksmith to come out first so that he/she can explain to you about the implications of changing locks. You don’t have to worry if the locksmith comes with someone who is experienced with changing locks, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There are various companies which can provide free of cost professional advice and suggestions on different issues pertaining to locks. Though they charge some amount for their services, it is still worth every penny.

On the other hand, you can perform the lock replacement yourself if you are aware of the basic steps. Lock rekeying process usually takes a few hours. If you want to reduce the time taken by the locksmith, you should plan your task and work accordingly. You should check the list of components of the existing locks and buy those that will be required during the lock replacement process.

To find a good locksmith in Dunmow, you can check out the local phone directories or use the Internet for faster results. Most good locksmiths would have their own website where they display the full price list along with the services offered. You can easily compare the prices quoted by different locksmiths and select the one who offers the best and cheapest price. For additional information regarding lock replacement and rekeying, you can also check the local telephone directories or search online using keywords such as lock, locksmiths, locksmith, key duplication, rekeying etc. for more details.